Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Grass Is Greener On the Other Side

I find that the mind is very interesting that your mind seems to play tricks on you when it is faced with certain choices or situations. For instance, I find myself, quite often, fighting with my cats at night for space on the bed. The story behind this is; nearly every night I get settled into bed and get myself comfortable and headed towards a dream state. Suddenly I feel the bed jostle as one of the cats decides to joins us in the bed. That cat will then choose a spot to get comfortable, which just so happens to be on my legs, behind my legs or in between my legs. Any of these positions restricts my motion in bed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because I'm already comfortable and settled in for the night, right? Wrong! My mind imidiatly starts to think 'What if I want to turn over and change positions?' Once I start to think that, I am no longer comfortable and I start to develop the urge to roll over and get comfortable somewhere else. I actually like having the cats sleep in the bed with us, just not in the area of my legs, it drives me nuts.

I also find it really funny that Olivia seems to always think that whatever mom and dad have must be better than what I have. This happens a lot at dinner time. Even though she has the exact same food in her dish, what mom and dad have in theirs must be better. Even their silverware is better than mine, so I need to use that too. I find it very amusing, but also quite useful in getting her to eat. If she wont eat what is in her bowl, she just might eat what is in mine. It really has worked wonders in getting her to eat. It is fun when you get to know the little quirks of your children.

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