Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrating Olivia!

Yes, once again I'm a month late in posting this but in my defense, the only time I can do something like this, I'm trying to put my house back together from the tornado known as 'My Kids'.

It is so hard to believe that Olivia has been in our lives for three years now.  Sometimes it feels like she has always been here and other times I can still remember holding her as a newborn.  This past we have seen a lot of growth in her physically and mentally.  Last year you could barely understand   10 or so of her words, but now you can carry on a conversation with her.  She has an excellent memory, is very observant of everything around her and is a wonderful big sister to her baby brother.  She is so compassionate and concerned for everyone, you can already see the mother in her coming out.  She is so tall that we are always wondering where those genes has come from.

 We had a fun pumpkin themed birthday party for her, hosted by her grandma and grandpa Wells.  It was fun the have family and friends come and celebrate our beautiful little girl.  The next day, Frank and I spent some one on one time with Olivia to let her know how much we love her

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Full of Color

When fall came so did a whole canvas of color.  The mountains around Cache Valley looked like they were on fire, it was just beautiful.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Home

So we have only been living in our townhouse for just over a year, so I thought that it would be fun to actually post some pictures of our little house.  It is small and cozy, but it is all ours and we love it.

Chop Chop

So a few weeks ago Frank went and got a haircut and took Olivia with him.  She was so excited about his haircut that she really wanted one too.  She couldn't stop talking about wanting to get her hair cut so we decided to make a trip out of it.  There is this really neat salon just for kids.  They have these fun chairs that you can sit in, a TV at each station and a slide that the kids can play on.  It was a very fun place to go and the stylists were so good with the kids.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

JD: Day 1 to Now

 1 Day

 1 Month

 2 Months

 3 Months

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Let's Celebrate JD!

So I know that this post is waaaaay over due, but I just have been so lazy about downloading our photos, so I just haven't made the time to write the post about our sweet little boy JD, who turned one a month and a half ago.

Having JD in our family has brought new challenges and joy into our lives (mostly the joy part).  JD has always been a little ball of energy from the day we brought him home.  Now I saw 'little because he is a little guy, since he was born he has stayed in the lower percentiles for both weight and height, were as Olivia started out average and quickly shot up to the 80th percentile.  JD hasn't started walking yet, but he is just so close that we know we will be chasing him around on foot soon.  So for the time being we will continue to chase him around while he crawls, and boy does he crawl fast.  He is also quite the dare devil as well, the day after he started to crawl we found him half way up the stairs.  From that day on, he is always looking to achieve new heights.  I've caught him standing on the most precarious things such as his bumbo chair, stools and other objects that just aren't made for a little boy to stand on.  His crowning achievement was conquering the TV stand.


Olivia and JD just love to play with each other, I can only hope that their love of playing together will continue for a long time.  Olivia is such a gentle and sweet sister with her brother and just loves to make him laugh.  JD loves to play with balls, chase the cats and play peek-a-boo.  He has even learned how to say peek-a-boo.  JD is such a hands on learner which has made it interesting to observe him learning things.  Olivia learns by observing things so she would just start doing things out of the blue.  JD, on the other hand, learns by doing things so we get to see his learning in action.  Olivia did most of her learning by watching which is why she gets so frustrated when she is trying something new.

There is so much more to tell about JD but it is hard to remember all of it.