Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here We Go Again

We knew that it had to be done, but it doesn't mean that you have to like it.  Almost 4 years after the accident, Frankie had to go in for one last surgery to have his bite corrected and it sure was a doosey.  His face hasn't been this swollen since the surgery that put him back together, except his recovery time was a lot faster, and his face wasn't as tramatic looking.  The surgeon had to cut his lower jaw in two places and move it so his teeth can actually meet again.  It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and he is doing great, but it is still very hard to chew which means, no steak for awhile.

Does this shirt make my face look fat?

Playing with daddy, kinda

Snuggle time

Las Vegas Baby!

I know that this post is a month late, but what can I say other than our computer has been acting up lately.

For Memorial weekend, we decided to make a very last minute trip to Las Vegas to visit our favorite Vegas family, The Allens.  Frankie had just been informed that he would be going back under the knife again to have his jaw broken again to reset his bite.  So he needed some distracting from the impending doom, so we packed up and headed South.

We had a blast and enjoyed every minute.  We got to see a movie in the park, walk around some beautiful gardens, enjoy a Las Vegas Buffet, see the beautiful Red Rock Canyon and so much more.  Olivia and JD really enjoyed playing with their cousins and Frank and I enjoyed the company of Jeannie and Jay.
Just hangin out
We're on top of the World!

Just playing around
This is so much Fun, come play with me Parker
You're right, this is a lot of fun

Keep your eyes open, the mama bird might
 come back at any second
I'm a bunny!
Move it or lose it!