Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's It Going to Be?

Here we are at the half way mark of the pregnancy and ready to know who we are expecting in the next 20 weeks. Since we found out that we were expecting we were leaning towards having another girl because is would just be convenient to already have the clothes from Olivia. I tried not to lean too far one way or the other because I really didn't know what to expect with this pregnancy. I'm very glad that I wasn't pushing too hard for a girl, because I'm very excited to announce:

We are having a BOY!

He is doing the same thing his sister did during her ultrasound;
he's keeping his hands by his face

We have both enjoyed getting to know our little Olivia and seeing how her own personality is developing and what things she has in common with each of us. I am getting really excited to see if this little one is going to look a lot like his dad, I've already started to think of him as a little Frank. Of course I'm also preparing myself to be worn down by him and his sister, of whom I'm sure will both have Frankie's high energy.

It is still a bit weird for me to know that I'm pregnant because half of the time I really don't feel very pregnant. Of course, I've been feeling the little guy move more and more at night, so that is bound to change soon. Along with having the ultrasound done this morning, I also took my glucose test as well. Bwagh! I know that there are women out there who don't mind the drink at all, but it makes me so queasy from all of the sugar in it. I hope that these results come back negative, but even if they do, I will have to redo this whole test again in 8 weeks. If it comes back abnormal I really don't want to do the three hour blood-test again; it is so miserable. I wish I could just ask them to assume I have diabetes, start monitoring my diet and skip the whole test all together. Is that too much to ask, really?

There you have it, the update on us, pretty exciting huh?