Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Out of Limbo and Forward

It was hard to decide on which piece of news to report on first, so I guess I'll just start at the beginning of all the change.

For the past three years Frank has been working in Salt Lake which has required him to stay with his parents during the work week to help us save money on gas.  The situation was not ideal, but we made it work for us.  Of course it really helped that my family lived only 10 minutes away so I could turn to them for help when I needed some adult interaction.  We had him start working in Salt Lake with the intention of eventually moving there, but the time just never felt right for us to go.  Mostly because the market for real estate just wasn't where we needed it to be to sell our townhome.  So Frank continued to work away at American Express, allowing me to stay home with the children.

Just over a year ago, Frank was hired on as a supervisor with the company Black Turtle.  He was a bilingual supervisor, which really helped him to brush up on his Spanish.  We had him take this job, knowing that it was only going to be a temporary job through the open enrollment period for government health care.  Because we new that this job was going to end, we knew that the clock was ticking on him finding another job.  Thankfully our prayers were answered and Frank was hired on as a bilingual team leader with eBay.  We couldn't believe how lucky we were for him to get such a wonderful job, a job that was a career job and not just a call center job.  We knew that the time had finally come,

The time was here, time to sell our tiny piece of heaven in Logan so that we could reunite every night as a family and not just on the weekends.  Not only did Frank have a new job but the real estate market was suddenly right where we needed it to be.  Now we just needed to wait for sweet Olivia to finish her first grade year and then the house would be on the market.  Let me tell you, it was not easy getting the house ready to sell with 3 kids and being very, very pregnant.  But I did it, with the help of my wonderful mother who was so kind to watch the kids so much.

I can not tell you how nervous we were to try and sell our house by ourselves.  Would we even get people to come and see the house, how long would it take?  Little did we know that we were entering perfect conditions in the housing market to sell our house.  Honestly, we didn't get a lot of people to come see the house, but every visit that we had came with an offer.  Some weren't anywhere near where we wanted them, but we did get exactly what we wanted for the house.  Suddenly it was time to move out of our house of 5 years.  We hadn't yet found a house to move in, because the housing market was moving at such a fast pace, that houses were being snatched up left and right.  I  didn't know what we were going to do, our house had sold but we had no where to move our stuff.  Once again, my parents came to the rescue and allowed us to stay with them while we continued the hunt for our next home.  While very stressful for my parents, I'm sure, it was the perfect situation with our next little Workman coming into this world.

On July 15th, we welcomed our 4th child (and our smallest).  It was also my hardest delivery, but we are so glad that he is here.  He is adored by his brothers and his sister.  Olivia just loves picking him up, he is almost as small as her baby dolls, but he's a real life baby.  He looks just like his siblings.  Apparently we found such a good mold with our babies, that all of them have filled the same mold in their appearance.

Thankfully we were able to close on our new house at the beginning of August, just in time to get Olivia registered for school.  And now here we are.  The house is mostly put together, I say mostly, because it is really hard to do anything around the house when you have a baby who wants to be nursing almost every waking minute.  We are slowly getting to a better situation, so hopefully I can get things put together more soon so I can get some pictures of our beautiful home.  We love it here and can really see us staying here for a long, long, long time.