Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrating Olivia!

Yes, once again I'm a month late in posting this but in my defense, the only time I can do something like this, I'm trying to put my house back together from the tornado known as 'My Kids'.

It is so hard to believe that Olivia has been in our lives for three years now.  Sometimes it feels like she has always been here and other times I can still remember holding her as a newborn.  This past we have seen a lot of growth in her physically and mentally.  Last year you could barely understand   10 or so of her words, but now you can carry on a conversation with her.  She has an excellent memory, is very observant of everything around her and is a wonderful big sister to her baby brother.  She is so compassionate and concerned for everyone, you can already see the mother in her coming out.  She is so tall that we are always wondering where those genes has come from.

 We had a fun pumpkin themed birthday party for her, hosted by her grandma and grandpa Wells.  It was fun the have family and friends come and celebrate our beautiful little girl.  The next day, Frank and I spent some one on one time with Olivia to let her know how much we love her