Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 Months Old

I can't believe that 2 months have already gone by since we welcomes our sweet baby boy into the family. He is growing so much and just twisting all of our hearts around his little finger. It has been a rather difficult 2 months, but I sure do love my little JD more and more every day. Every time he smiles at me, cries, falls asleep in my arms or anything for that matter, I feel my heart grow even bigger with love. Olivia has also become fond of her little brother. She loves to climb into his bassinet at the end of our bed and go "na-night". She especially loves it when we put JD in there with her to cuddle with her. I can't wait for the days when JD isn't such a fragile little baby and can really cuddle back with her.

JD has grown so much and I've enjoyed getting to notice his little quirks and see him reach certain milestones. Although he isn't sleeping through the night, he has definitely improved upon his waking up every hour. Of course using the swaddling blankets with the Velcro have helped a lot in keeping asleep. He hates them when he's awake, but since he moves so much in his sleep, I have to keep his arms confined. Now he sleeps 3-4 hours at a time. It isn't great, but it is an improvement on every 1-2 hours. Occasionally he does sleep 5 hours at a time, so I hope that he'll eventually move towards that time frame.

JD has been smiling for about a month now, which has been so wonderful to see. The first time I saw him smile at me on purpose was in the middle of the night when he should have been sleeping. He was just trying to butter me up into forgetting it was 3 in the morning. Now you can get him to smile every time he gets his diaper changed or right after he's had a really good feeding. I love to see him smile and coo, it just melts your heart (even at 3 in the morning).

He is also slowly getting past his fussiness and being willing to be put down for short (I say short) period of time. He does have his one really fussy time around 9 o'clock every night right before we put him down to bed. There are times when the only way we can calm him down is to put him in his swing, which he loves to death. Sometimes we can get him to calm down by changing his diaper, which he is really starting to like. But most of the time it has to be the swing.

I've been trying to get him on something of a schedule, but he has been quite resistant. He does not nap very well during the day at all. Some of it has to do with Olivia making noise, but he just doesn't nap for more than an hour at a time. He likes to take cat naps. Sometimes I can get him to take a 2 hour nap while Olivia naps, but not all of the time. So that is what we are trying to work on right now. And that is our little boy.

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HM said...

"Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and mom. The best book ever written. You should so check it out.