Monday, September 19, 2011

Habb vs. the Hellfire Challenge

Yesterday was my brother Habb's birthday. In celebration of this day my parents took him to Salt Lake to Kobe Sushi where he took on the Hellfire challenge. A few weeks ago my dad was watching Man vs. Food where they came to Salt Lake to Kobe Sushi to take the Hellfire challenge. Because Habb is such a lover of really spicy hot food, my dad thought that it would be something he would like to try. So for his birthday that is exactly what he did and my parents were kind enough to let us tag along as a family.

The rules of the challenge are this: To begin the challenge you need to eat 1 piece each of a level 4,5 and a 6 sushi roll or two number 6. If you make it past this then you can begin the challenge. The next step to the challenge is that you need to eat two pieces of a 6 and a half roll. Once you eat those then you must eat an entire roll of a number 7, which is 6 pieces. They will allow you to drink or eat other things along with the sushi as long as it is provided by them. So that is the challenge Habb took.


When my dad first mentioned that Habb would be attempting this challenge, I thought that it would be fairly easy for him considering how much that kids loves spicy hot food. But watching him attempt this challenge really changed that view. The poor kid was sweating, tearing up and many other things. It was so hot for him that he even agreed to drink milk, even though he is lactose intolerant. (My mom asked if they would allow them to get soy milk for him, but they said no.) Seeing Habb really struggling with each piece, I began to realize that the warning signs they had put up in the restaurant, were very necessary.


As hard as it was for him to complete this challenge, complete it he did and his prize: a picture on the wall of fame and a T-shirt. And every time he wears that T-shirt to the restaurant he will get 10% off his order for the rest of his life. The chef also told us that the challenge that was aired on TV was a lot easier than what Habb really ate. They toned down the hotness of the spices so the show host could complete the challenge. In all reality, only 4% of the people that attempt the challenge actually complete it, so way to go Habb. It was a fun filled Saturday night, even if he did get sick at the very end, but that is because his stomach was rejecting all of the milk that he drank. Once it got rid of that, he did a whole lot better.

Our Hellfire Champ

Happy Birthday Habb!!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

This made me laugh BIG TIME. Thanks for sharing. :) That's awesome - there is NO WAY I could do that.