Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday was JD's 3 week birthday. Because so much has happened since he was born it seems like he has been here for a much longer period of time. I am slowly, but surely, adjusting to my new life as a mother of two and let me tell you, it hasn't been that easy. I have heard from lots of people that having two children isn't that bad, in fact it can be easier because the two children can play together. Well, I haven't reached that point yet, so right now it is pretty difficult to have two children. I guess it doesn't help that I'm still trying to get my house in order from the move. I have it in working order, but not presentable order. Maybe someday soon I will feel comfortable showing my new house off, but not yet.

Since moving in there has been so much to do. Poor Frankie spent three days just deep cleaning our old apartment in hopes of getting most of our deposit back. We lived there for 5 years so of course there is the usual wear and tear, but for the most part we did take care of the house. It was cluttered, but I did clean it. So that was a fun project, NOT!

Once we had that out of the way, Frankie took some time to go camping with his family over Labor Day weekend giving me a chance to just bond with my new little man JD and of course clean the house. Mostly I spent the time bonding with JD through sleep.

Of course, I didn't expect JD to sleep through the night, but I did forget how hard it is to go without so little sleep. And it is even harder this time, because I can't just sleep when the baby sleeps, because I have Olivia to watch. So I only get the one nap and the rest of the day is spent in a daze trying to slowly clean the house, play with Olivia and feed JD. JD is starting to stay awake more during the day, so I'm hoping that he'll start to transition his days and nights. As nice as it is for him to be awake more, it also makes it harder, because he just does not want to be put down. He fusses if he isn't constantly being held, so I hope that he can get past this soon as well because I have a hard time getting dinner on the table in a timely manner when he is crying because I can't hold him. I know that we will get there, it is just a matter of surviving until we get to that point.

So enough about my sleep deprivation and more about our family. Olivia is growing up so fast. Her vocabulary is growing, but she still can just talk up a storm in her own made up jibberish. She loves her little brother and is very soft with him. She loves to pat his back after I've fed him and then rub it. She loves to hold him as well. When she wants to hold him she'll just say "Me, me!" and hold out her arms while beckoning with her hands to bring JD to her. She has also become a very good jumper and climber. Unfortunately, she is beginning to see that she can climb something and then jump off it, thankfully nothing has happened yet. She loves to have an audience for everything she does, so she is constantly asking me if she can do something to draw my attention to her, even if she wants to drink out of my water jug. Her favorite movie is 'Tangled', she could watch that movie all day long if I let her, but I reserve it for times when I really need her to be out from under my feet. She has adjusted quite well to our new home and is loving the new layout. She loves driving her little car around the kitchen and putting her doll in the baby swing. There are just so many new things that she is learning every day that it is hard to
remember them all.
I forgot to mention that Olivia is obsessed with putting on shoes

Here is Olivia at the beach with her cute cousin Charis

JD is doing his part and growing very well. I'm very thankful that I have a good milk supply to help him grow. It is kind of funny, when a new baby comes into a family everyone tries to see if the baby looks more like mommy or daddy. But when it comes to JD, he looks like Olivia. There are little things that you can see clearly came from one parent or the other, but honestly the best way to say it is that he looks like Olivia. JD is also learning to smile, several times in the past couple of days he has almost smiled at me. Of course, he has smiled plenty in his sleep, but I'm looking for that smile where he knows he is smiling at me or dad or whoever he smiles at. There are so many milestones ahead for him and I'm excited to see them all.

Here is a comparison of the two



As for me and Frankie, not much has changed. Frankie did have a birthday on September 1st and is now 28. I know that technically we aren't that old, but there are times I feel really old and other times I can't believe that I'm really 26. Sometimes I still feel like the 20 year old who just got married. So that is the Workman update for now. I'll have to see if Frankie is willing to post about his camping trip.

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