Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're Parents!!!

So, here's the scoop. Olivia Judith Workman was born on October 27th at 1:45 in the morning. As Natasha noted, she followed her dad's example of coming late, but making a big entrance. She had no complications exiting the womb and within minutes found herself bonding with mom for her first feeding. She was 7 lbs, 2 oz, and measured in at 19 inches long. She's now a bit more than a day old and she is absolutely beautiful. When asked how she felt, Angie replied "It's such a surreal feeling to finally be holding her in my arms. She's my little angel and I love her so much. It's so exciting!!" Frankie's response was, well, definitely Frankie, "I'm just glad she wasn't a fugly baby." After taking a slight beating from his wife for that remark, he indicated that Olivia is quite honestly a miracle. She represents absolute goodness and we know that she will be a happy child that will bring joy to her parents and anyone she comes in contact with.

On the 26th, we called the hospital at just before 6:00 am to see what time would be good to come in for the induction and were told to report there at 7:15 am. After reporting, getting checked in, and Angie getting all changed out and ready, she was induced just before 8:30 am. The contractions began within minutes and we were hopeful that she might be quick. By 12:30 however, she still hadn't shown any major progress with her contractions and her cervix was at a solid 2, so Dr. Olsen came and broke her water at 12:30 pm. When her water was broken, there was a considerable amount of mecosium (the baby's first bowel movement) present in the liquid, which could be a potential risk if Olivia inhaled it on her first breath. Dr. Olsen was superb at reading the signs and had Deanna, Angie's nurse, double-check the inventory to ensure that they would be ready with suction bubbles and pumps for Olivia.

At around 2:15 pm the contractions started to get much stronger and more painful. At one point, Angie hit a solid 8 on the pain scale. At 3:00 pm Deanna and Dr. Mortenson (Junior) gave her the epidural. At 4:00, Deanna measured Angie's cervix again. The measurement indicated that she had progressed to a 3+, so all we had to do was wait. Angie progressed a bit slower than normal, but she had no complications and Olivia's vitals indicated that she wasn't under any stress. By 6:00 she was at a 4+ and by 8:00 she had gotten to a 6. By 9:00 she was at a 7 and by midnight she was at a solid 9. At 12:30 am she was pronounced fully dilated and Anngee (yup, that's what her name-tag read), her new nurse, put Angie on rest and descent to prepare for the pushing. At 1:00 am, Angie began the grueling task of pushing, but Olivia crowned so quickly that she had to be stopped so Anngee could page Dr. Olsen. Dr. Olsen was in by 1:30 am and within 15 minutes, Olivia was out. She had no complications during birth and Dr. Olsen did a great job ensuring that her first breaths were clean. Pretty cool huh!


Down By the Bey's said...

That is a great story. Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Congrats!! We are so excited for you!
Jennifer, Michael, Brandon and James Olsen
(Brandon is the one in your nursrey class)