Sunday, July 15, 2012

JD the Chili Bean

So in about a week, our little man, JD, will be 11 months old and I must say that it has been a crazy 11 months at that.  JD has definitely presented a whole new set of challenges that we didn't have to face with Olivia, but it is because of these new challenges that we have grown more and more in love with our little Chili Bean.  It has been so rewarding to see him hit new milestones and see how different he is at learning things than Olivia was.

From day one JD has been a lot smaller of a baby than Olivia was, but he has so much more energy than she did.  It took him a lot longer to sleep through the night, but I also attribute that to the fact that I was more likely to respond to his cries for fear of waking up Olivia.  He is a big mama's boy, which has only become more prevalent as he has gotten older.  The next person that he just absolutely loves is his sister.  I just love to watch them play together, they are quite the pair.  Olivia has only shown love towards her brother, not once have I seen her show jealousy or resentment towards the attention I need to give to JD.  In fact, whenever I tell her that I need to go and feed JD or put him down for a nap she looks right at me and says "Go ahead mommy".

He started to crawl just before he turned 9 months, but for a good 3 weeks before he started to crawl he would push himself backwards and just hope that got to the place he was hoping to reach. He sure did get stuck in a lot of small corners.  The day after he learned to crawl forward, we found him climbing the stairs.  He is extremely ambitious and will try to climb just about anything and everything.  Already, he has probably doubled Olivia's bonks and bruises count in her whole life.  Since the day we found him climbing the stairs we have been trying to teach him how to go down the stairs, but he seems to have forgotten how to go backwards, even though that's all he did for a good 3 weeks.

When Olivia was a baby I tried my best to keep the floor picked up, but I didn't worry a whole lot about her putting things in her mouth, because she just wasn't all that interested with her mouth.  JD, on the other hand cannot be left alone for a second.  If I think that I have everything picked up, he still manages to find something to put in him mouth.  I also have to be careful to remind Olivia to not give things to JD as well.  He sure is a big handful, but it is an adventure that we love taking.

Look what I got Lily....
Hey, give it back!  That's MY Binky

He sure knows how to make a mess
Umm....a little help

Never mind, I got this covered
Who could resist that smile

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Alyssa and Eddy said...

Love the mohawk look that he has going on. Long on the top down the middle and little on the sides.