Monday, December 20, 2010

She's on the Move!

Well, our little girl is now on the move. We officially declared her a walker on Thanksgiving, but she didn't see the benefits of walking over crawling until last weekend. We have such a small apartment and if her toys are on the ground, she has a hard time navigating the floor, so it was just so much easier for her to crawl. But she has discovered that if she walks, she can take her toys with her. It is just so cute to see her taking her small baby steps while carrying one of her stuffed animals or her ball.

We went my my cousin Aleisha's wedding this weekend in Bountiful and Provo. She found the balloons in the ballroom, claimed one and walked around the entire evening with that balloon. It was funny to see a balloon moving along the crowd at the reception. Now she just walks around our house just holding the balloon, it is such a cute sight to see.

These are exciting times for us. I know that there are people that tell us that we will wish that she was still crawling, but I'm just so excited that she has hit this milestone in her development. She has also started to say other words other than "ma-ma and da-da". Her new word is "Hi!" she'll even say it in the same tone of voice I say hi to her in. When I walk in to her room in the morning and after naps, I'm greeted by her high pitched "Hi". She will also ask "What's this?" and say "Thank-you". She is a fast learner and gets excited for many new things.

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Jeannie+Jay said...

Hi kids! We are ready for a new post and don't forget the pics! Why don't you show me Mom's new room? Thanks!