Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Moped Vs The Oncoming Car... Guess who lost?

So if you haven't really heard anything about me and this particular accident I was involved in, I'll make brief mention of it. Back in September of 2008, I was involved in a fairly serious accident that nearly claimed my life. By all odds, it probably should have. I was going about 40 down the road near USU campus when an oncoming car made an abrupt left turn without looking. I went face-first right into his front frame and shattered everything from my eye-brows down to my lower jaw. I had dozens of fractures in my face and nose and had to be Life-Flighted down to Ogden from Logan for immediate medical treatment. The accident was so severe that I had to be given a tracheotomy to breathe and I spent about 5 hours in surgery and a total of 10 days in the hospital. Of all the things I remember, I know that my stay would have probably been longer had it not been for my wife and the support of my family and friends. Angie never really left my side from the time of the accident and my family was there to see me every day that I was in the hospital. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family that was there to remind me yet again that they're always gonna back me up. It's so hard to believe that I came that close to losing more than just a few teeth. Day to day life is a bit different now from what it used to be, but I know that somehow, as long as I stay true to my ideals, I'll somehow be looked out for.

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Andrew B said...

I'll have to forgive you for not updating facebook. I'm glad to here that you are doing well after such a bad accident, and I'm also glad to here that Angie loves you so much.

Thanks for letting me know, and hope that things are good for you.