Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Man, I love my family!!

So here's the original Team. Mom and Dad adopted me and my little sister when we were little kids and since our adoption, we have been well received and well cared for by the coolest big sister in the entire world. That's the One, the Only, Natasha Alisa Workman Nielsen. She's been married for almost 12 years now and has an awesome husband named Keven (that's right, sis, I still remember how to spell your name and his too... Boo yeah!!) 4 of the craziest and most hilarious kids in the entire world. My younger sister, Andrea was married a month before us to a man that puts a capital "E" in Extreme. Her husband, Jason, has been able to excel in paintballing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and now rock-climbing. Jason is a huge example of just living life. Andrea, my little sister is probably the most genuine and loving girl I could know and call my sister. She just had her first child not too long ago and I gotta hand it to her and her husband: they made a cute kid. Dad is a sermon in a sentance kind of guy. Everything I am, I am because of him. He's an outstanding man with a heart of gold. My mom is probably the most generous person I have ever known. Growing up, she always made sure we had everything we wanted and she has always been so good to us as a mother and a loyal friend. So that's My Family!!!


Anna said...

You have a very admirable family. That is a good picture. I never knew you had a big sister. How cool.

Mollie and Jason said...

That is a cute thing to write about your fam. I love them:) Hope all is well with you guys!